Useful Resources for Library staff

There are so many resources to look at when one looks on the internet,which does not surprising me as there are many issues to discuss when a new and emerging way of communicating is introduced to the world at a very fast rate.

Here are six resources that I feel are noteworthy to library staff.

  1. A paper by Taylor and Francis Group in the UK, a great introductory resource.

2. This Book available in E-Book form or print.

The Librarian’s Nitty Gritty Guide to Social Media by Laura Soloman

3. Check out Phil Bradley’s Weblog, social media resources with a slant towards librarian’s.

4. As I have included on my previous twitter and facebook post, I will include it here too.

5. Another blog site, this one has presentation courses and webinars available for download

6. The National Library of Australia is a great resource for librarians and their Social Media strategy has some great info.