Favourite Media Tools

I have enjoyed learning about the different social media tools during the last semester.

I would say that I have two favourite tools they are Facebook and Pinterest.

Facebook is still by far the easiest and most enjoyable social media tool for me. I like the different options and the ease of use and interconnectedness. I have never had an issue with privacy or been disappointed in the content allowed on facebook, so am happy to keep using it. Facebook has great applications for businesses, government agencies and private use.

Pinterest is my second favourite as basically I am a pack rat of images and design ideas. Pinterest is a great way to keep your ideas all together, just like a scrapbook, but better because you can share and send as well. Searching for an idea or image is easy, a world-wide repository of images, it’s fantastic.

There are two social media tools that I will be investing time into in the future and they are instagram and flickr. To me Instagram is all about meeting like minded people in one place and connecting and liking/uploading their content.Again it is the visual that I tend to lean towards with my social media tools. Flickr is another repository tool that is very appealing as I like to browse images and comments, particularly images of vintage and historical significance.