Integrating social media into Website Blog


While Blogging is not my social media of choice to use, I have enjoyed learning how to blog. I liked using the icons in the visual editor, these are great quick links. I liked how I could easily link my posts to my other social media accounts and those of my fellow classmates. It is fun to have followers and be acknowledged by likes and quoted.I have enjoyed reading and following my classmates journey in getting to know and use social media.

I have learned a great deal about the process of making a library website to a set of client specifications. I have learned about the important inclusions and criteria that library websites need through researching other websites.

Through the time I spent working with the Weebly site, I was able to become familiar with the elements that needed to be layered up for each page. By the end of the unit I was able to manipulate and use the basic elements to insert links, upload my own media content and embed social links to my website. I learnt to change the look of the website through use of font and colour and to listen to client feedback and apply changes.

I enjoyed using pinterest the most as it really is the modern day digital scrapbook of ideas. It is to me the most user friendly, finding and saving images and ideas is so easy.

Using Weebly was a great learning experience for me. I explored and became familiar with the different ways of integrating social media into a website. I made sure that the pages were easy to navigate, I included links to better illustrate and support my content. I was able to add facebook and twitter. I am happy with the result of my website, as it illustrates the resources of a small public school library, simple and direct.



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