Social Media Tools in use by Libraries Today

For this post I had a look on google about the subject of how libraries use social media. I came across a page by the National Library of Australia on its social media strategy from 2013, you can see the page here. The National Library of Australia has some very good ways of using social media to attract more traffic and trigger interest in their collection and services available.

The NLA has accounts with Youtube, Flickr,Twitter, Instagram and Slideshare. There are five blogs through wordpress, these are managed by different areas of the library. The blogs cover the areas of collections, events, services and activities.

I particularly liked the diagram of the different social accounts and how they are perceived to be helping and advancing the library.It was noted that all of the accounts ‘generated interest and awareness’ of services available, the interest and knowledge of collections and promoted events.But most obvious was that the accounts that had the most impact across all benefits were Facebook and Twitter, with Blogging and Flickr coming second.

Facebook is a highly popular social account that nearly everyone from young to old has heard of, it is easy to use and users are able to react in real time and be easily notified of  services, events and activities. It is a great way to involve the local community, it is really accessable and gives a high level of customer support, with an ‘Ask a Librarian’ link in reviews (a link to users experience of using the library) and videos of exhibitions, talks and how the library functions(behind the scene.) See the NLA facebook account here. I like my local  library facebook account,as it communicates to me all of the local happenings at my library.

Twitter is used by libraries to promote a strong brand or image, it really engages the user to be curious about the services available, introduced through the use of podcast, video and image.See the NLA twitter account here. The by-product from twitter is also worth a mention. Twitter is a great tool to connect the user to other similar organisations and individuals (which is where twitter is able to help build relationships and introduce and increase a users circle.) Here is another library Twitter account to look at. The Queensland State Library.

Flickr is similar to pinterest but it applies to the organising of images and videos and making them available to groups of people with the same interest.It was introduced in 2004. There are different ways to use Flickr, one can simply upload content under a subject, or  engage by a comment or tag. Then there are also blogs to follow, plus all the information on Flickr is searchable. The commons is a page devoted to making a worldwide collection of images available. See the NLA Flickr account here. Check out the different pages on the NLA Flickr site. There is the photostream, albums, favorites and groups.The NLA Flickr account currently has 1.8K followers, and 982 images uploaded to its account.






One thought on “Social Media Tools in use by Libraries Today

  1. margieteacheslibstudies says:

    Terrific post Kath. You have been very thoughtful about the concept of different social media platforms being good for different purposes.

    “I particularly liked the diagram of the different social accounts and how they are perceived to be helping and advancing the library.” – this was an excellent observation and a great resource to use.

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