Social Media Etiquette


Dare to Share? It is getting easier and easier these days to over share lifes ups and downs with so many types of social media apps around.Stop and think. Do I need to share, tweet, retweet, status update, tag this? When in doubt, keep discreet peeps. Be careful when posting photos of late night highjinks and other peoples’ faux pas. It is better to ask before tagging a friend and risk offending with a negative comment or controversial topic. And please be careful when posting photos of children, even when they are your own.

If you come across a negative or hurtful comment or tag, remember you are not obliged to respond. It is often better to digest and ignore. To get the most out of your social media experience interact, don’t just react. Retweet to confirm you like something and think it is positive or great. Reply in an educated way to give an opinion on someones update or something they may be passionate about. Mention that important issue or the art work you saw at an exhibition and tag someone through twitter to increase your reach.

Remember your and others privacy and customise your privacy settings. Who can see my information, updates and images? Refer to my previous post on Privacy and Social Media. kathdavislibrary – 2016-10-04 13:35:27

Also check out these two guides  to keeping it nice.


Keep it nice everyone.


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