Privacy and Social Media


Once it’s online it will stay online forever in some form. A posted image can say so much about an individuals physical environment, living arrangements and social status. A comment can be picked up and copied, forwarded and saved by friends, friends of friends and third parties alike. Misuse of an individuals private information or even public information can be scary and invasive, so be aware of what social sites and other public users can do with the information you have supplied.

What can I do to safeguard my privacy you may ask? From my reading and personal experience there some things you can do:

Adjust your privacy settings on all of your social media accounts to suit your needs and check them regularly.

Make sure the individuals you are friending are real and you know them personally.

Do not share your age, address or phone number online.

Keep your password and log-in details private.

The above safeguards are simple and effective and are ones used by children and teens to stay safe online. Check out the following link aimed at children and teens, it can work for everyone.

Stay safe everyone.


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