Why Social Media


Social media is so visual and stimulating to a broad range of individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds.Is it the candy of modern communication, fun, eyecatching, delicious and appealing, a sometimes guilty pleasure when we have some free time to indulge? We know it is a powerful information tool that government,educators and businesses alike use to communicate, and spruik their agendas and goals.

Social media is so appealing and delivery is so easy! I intend to have fun using twitter, facebook, blogs and pinterest on my blog to include my fellow classmates in my personal journey towards being familiar with social media & how to use it affectively .

To use your local library offsite through social media can be just as fun as going to your library.If you can’t make it in to us we can reach out to you.Social media ensures the reach of your audience is very inclusive, it can inform the library user easily and cheaply of everything going on in the library via twitter, facebook, blogs and pinterest.





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